Expense Tracker Template

This expense tracker template tracks your spending or expenses. This expense tracker template makes individual budgeting simpler by automatically keeping track your expenses and managing all your financial-accounts in one suitable form. It automatically classify your expenses into useful categories, for example “Auto” so you can speedily spot which type of expenses are getting-out of… Read More »

Family Finances Web Database Template

This Family Finances Web Database Template manages the household budget by swiping their credit-card when-ever cash runs short because the main key to keep finances of your family afloat is budgeting. This template is designed to meet the requirements and support the budget of the family and can do lots of for the family’s finances,… Read More »

Students Management Template

Use this successfully implemented Student Management Template. This Student Management Template is an inclusive solution targeted at Educational associations, facilitating the record of management and analysis the life cycle of the students throughout his or her term at the Institution. Starting from getting acknowledged to passing-out and accumulating certificates, the system is accomplished of building… Read More »

Contacts Web Database Template

Using this multi-functional Contacts Web Database template you can to handle your business database, classify business contacts or companies into categories and analyze them by main factors, carry out e-mail advertising campaign with minimum cost and also keep informed with many other various info. This template has been developed to provide the most fundamental needs… Read More »

Contact Management Database Template

This Contact Management Database template can contain many kinds of detail, including nicknames, birthdays, associated names (eg partner, friend, manager). You can save phone number and address, fax-numbers, boss’s name etc. To store your informations, there is form layout and also tabular layout. There are also two reports prepared namely directory and phone book. In… Read More »

Call Tracker Database Template

This microsoft® Access Call Database Tracker Database Template that fits your personal and business needs. Feel liberated to download and browse this Access call tracker Template samples and examine the database section reviews. This template is in tabular form and you can convert it in the forum view. The customer information form lets you input important… Read More »

Assets Tracking Template

This Asset tracking template build with MS Access can be used as a asset database in the common sense of working and storing with information, that not let the inventory control getting too complicated. Recording photos of your asset for your home or office inventory will help make working a lot smoother. Some of descriptions… Read More »

Assets Web Database Template

If you require a quick and dirty method, with no creating an elaborated database, This Assets Web Database template is pretty useful, if you are in necessitate of a more superior fixed asset tracking-system. In your efforts to figure-out what may be precious to include in this asset template for equipment-tracking, you will come across… Read More »

Sales Pipeline Management Template

Lots of companies start organizing their sales pipeline in a simple spreadsheet, which is efficient for a time. Though, at some time, there are too many businesses trying to team up on a sheet of lead, a improved database structure is needed. This template creates a good sales pipeline database structure to keep eye on… Read More »

Order Management Database Template

This Order Management Database Template allows you to work together with your suppliers and manage your complex-order fulfillment procedures. By combining orders across your numerous channels you have a particular vision of your inventory, demand, and supply. You can improve order-visibility by influencing main information from suppliers and customers. This Order Management Database Template reduces… Read More »

Time and Billing Database Template

This Time and Billing Database Template stores all customer’s information at one place for on the spot recall. It causes to increase your cash flow and profit by saving time and getting-paid more rapidly. Your billing-clerk simply fills out in the quantity of every item listed to produce accurate, thorough invoices instantly! This Time and… Read More »

Call Service Management Database Template

Directly from the customer-list, you can generate a work-order with a mouse click in this Call Service Management Database Template. Every customer may have an infinite number of contacts. A customer may be a division of one more customer. This can be useful if you want to identify upon which customer you have to bill… Read More »

B&W Photo Album Book Template

This is B&W Photo Album Book Template to build, organize and present your own personal photo-albums. Choose photos from wherever from your computer or internet and make together them into album styles and themes. It efficiently and quickly can compress or stretch your photos while frequently maintaining the characteristic ratio of every image. As its… Read More »

Personal Contacts Manager Template

Personal Contacts Manager Template enables users to simply store and search contact information, for example names, telephone numbers and addresses. It is contact databases that offer a fully integrated way to tracking of all details and communication-activities related to contacts. Personal Contacts Manager Template is another contact management tool having a very particular concentration on… Read More »

Bookmarks Organizer Template

This Bookmarks Organizer Template makes easy and quick work of managing all your favorite web bookmarks, ensuring that you may always see what you’re searching for, and that the information is always the latest. As a bookmark manager, it makes simple to add, classify and rate, hundreds of websites. This Bookmarks Organizer Template can check… Read More »

Faculty Database Template

This Faculty Database Template offers content types for organizing and creating details of your faculty. It is predominantly developed for personnel-directories in educational associations. It can be re-purposed to use in a many of settings. Its incorporated reports let you see you where there is missing aspects, such as no sections and qualifications without a… Read More »

Demo Management Database Template

This Demo Management Database Template will save your time and hard work, because you never have to produce project deliverable from start. Whether you necessitate making a business case, controlling change or managing-risk, will help out you do it efficiently and quickly. Many practical real life examples, charts, hints, tables and tips are also built-in.… Read More »

Call Tracker Template

This Call Tracker Template build with MS Access provide the registration log for all events and calls that runs as a service and many more. It is a fully analytical dialer and a semi automatic dialer mutual system. It has semi automatic dialing approach that can rapidly dial a number by the touch of a… Read More »

Asset Tracking Database Template

Asset Tracking Database Template is a proven solution. It integrates all asset tracking methods; bar codes, data importing and manages database repository. It assigns the assets and forwarding them into production. It also manages the inventory and maintenance the asset warranty. This template makes asset alerts and maintains depreciation & disposal of asset. It enables… Read More »

Northwind Services Template

Northwind Service Template is a sample database which shipped with MS Office. It contains the sales-data for a fictitious-company called Northwind-Traders, which exports and imports specialty foods around the world. You can exercise and experiment with MS Access with Northwind-database while you’re develop and learning ideas for Access. This Northwind service template is also utilized… Read More »